Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chapathi/paratha/Indian flat bread

Today I'm going to post a tip for busy & working people. These days most of the working people does take-away food for lunch/dinner as they don't have time to cook amidst their responsibilities. Take-away's are OK for one or two days but regular eat-out not only spoils the health but your WEALTH as well.

In abroad we buy frozen chapathis/parathas from Indian Grocery Shop & use it during tired evenings. My husband was much worried about the preservatives they contain. So I decided to try making the chapathis in bulk & store in the fridge to use in the evenings for dinner & I some times take them for lunch too. Let me first tell you the recipe for chapathi.


Whole wheat flour - 2-3 cups
Salt - as per taste
Water - to knead the dough


1. Prepare chapathi dough in the usual way. The final dough needs to be soft.
2. Do not add oil or ghee. Cover the dough with wet cloth/kitchen towel & let it rest for atleast 15mins.
3. Now, preheat chapathi tava/pan in slow flame.
4. Roll the chapathi dough by dusting little wheat flour to prevent it from sticking.
5. Now cook the chapathi & while cooking the chapathi under cook them (upto 75%) without any oil or ghee.
6. Stack them on top of each other until finished. Cool the chapathis.
7. Take a 40cms wax paper/grease proof paper, use half of it to arrange the chapathis & the rest to cover the chapathi. Sides of the chapathis should not be exposed.
8. Pack it in a zip lock pouch & store it flat in the fridge.
Before consuming fully cook the chapathi & drizzle ghee/oil/butter for taste.
Do not use oil/ ghee/ butter while kneading the dough & while under-cooking the chapathi as it may spoil the chapathi when stored in fridge.

These chapathis are best eaten hot.
I prefer to store chapathis only for 2 days as it looses it's taste if kept longer.
For lunch I pack the chapathis separately & cook them one by one in the cafe style sandwich maker at office.

This is a good way to earn an extra income by making & selling chapathis in bulk for your friends & neighbours and also for people who want to save their health & wealth.

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